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Summary of our studies
(for the non-scientist)

We set out to show that our anti-cancer compound  is effective in treatment of cancer.  In order to assess how well our treatment performed compared with no treatment at all, we evaluated the presence of cancer and survival times in treated animals, with the same number of animals who were not treated.

We used our compound to treat mice that had cancer (lymphoma, melanoma, and fibrosarcoma):

  • In our early studies, we treated mice by injecting our compound at the location of their cancer. We found it to be effective in 100% of subjects who were treated with both compounds at the same time. While survival time was extended for ALL mice treated with 2 compounds, no untreated animals survived.
  • In our later studies, we treated mice orally with our compound. Of 60 subjects with cancer, 59 became cancer-free! Over 98% showed no evidence of cancer with our treatment, while none of the untreated animals became cancer-free.

Future directions

Ultimately, we would like to extend our research beyond lymphoma, melanoma, and fibrosarcoma cancers to other forms of cancer, and also FDA-approval of our compound to treat cancer in humans. However, more studies are needed.

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